I am an imaginal being


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Recently, a sentence came to my ear, “what if religion is a misinterpreted astrological allegory?” Well, that is what I was always compelled to think: “The bible is an astrotheological literary hybrid”. Myself, I always referred to god and the son as being an analogy to the universe and the sun (our star). This was actually the faith that was held by many ancient religions; they knew that we are made of stardust and they knew that the consciousness was a universal field of vibrant energy. Ancient wisdom didn’t hold blind beliefs, instead, it held a tangible faith acquired through mystical experience: meditation was the root of all knowledge. Meditation is a language that one cannot understand until he becomes willing to learn something, and that he cannot understand until he commits to a consistent practice. It’s the only way to become able to see anything. The mystical path is a very valid path to explore a such domain that is consciousness. How could modern science know anything about what it cannot measure. I do not intend to be condescending to science nor to religion. But I do intend to be condescending to scientism and to beliefs. I do not believe anything and I do not trust anyone that pretends to know the truth. I believe only myself and trust that if I do decide to dedicate my entire self to searching, with a reasonable mind, and with an open heart, a light of consciousness will reveal its true essence to me. The human form (that is not me) will return to dust, recycling with nature, as my higher self will return to the spiritual, a place where it has always belonged to. This spiritual world is this primeval energy that we so commonly name consciousness. The mystical path is the very path that allows me to experience for myself, and this, without falling into the follies of fanaticism. My road is one made of daily meditations and spiritual practice. Having said that, and as a complement to my spiritual framework, I feel bound to study (rather seriously) the history of gnosticism and the philosophy of phenomenology. Meanwhile, if there is one thing I do know, it is that this human experience is the pretext (at least for me) to undergo a process of deep transformation. By allowing my self to conscientise matter and to materialise consciousness, I am gently merging with the essence of it all. For the mean time that I am stuck on Earth, I am but an imaginal being. This, I shall constantly remember, if I do not want to fall.

© Tibby Aubry


One thought on “I am an imaginal being

  1. Tibby!

    This post holds such a deep resonance with me. I also tend to be swayed into thinking or rather feeling the Bible is, in fact, an astrotheological literary hybrid. I agree entirely with your suggesting that meditation is a language. It is, indeed, a form of communication, between the participant and a Source that goes beyond mere perception. You write with such passion and integrity; A quality that I sincerely admire.


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