The [everyday me] when I live in the city!Hi there, thank you for visiting! This blog is a place where I collect and create experiences. You will find articles, thoughts, pictures and a résumé. I use this blog for personal matters as well as for my university work. One of my goals is to become fully able in producing attractive digital content, in English, since English is not my first language. Also, because I love writing so much, I find that “Philosopher & Blogger” is the title that best fits me :) Besides, I provide tutorial face to face sessions to people who wish to learn French. If you are interested, or if you know someone else who would be, please feel free to contact me (rates are friendly). That being said, on top of all, I also wish to fill up my weekends with a consistant and meaningful job. Therefore, I seek work in the aged care/disability sector. I enjoy the company of the elderly and of the people who don’t fit in the box. I enjoy listening to their life stories and I like being a positive addition in their lives. *I hope to find a long-term contract before the end of this year (2016).


More about me

Concretely, I live in Sydney, I have a European background and I’m vegan but I still kill a bird times to times when it comes to a matter of survival. I enjoy organic cheese, intelligent films, punk/electronic sounds & I love everything about the sixties. On the flip side, I don’t like pop culture or simple talks. That’s why I felt impelled to launch my blog. My geekiness is about writing, with lots of coffees. I can spend days writing without bothering with the banal and boring preoccupations of life. Oh, I’m passionate about lucid dreams, it’s an important part of my life too. I was said to be a bit stubborn but I’m trying hard to adapt :) Writing as a process allows me to modify in real time patterns in the mind, hence contributing improving my attitude (I might’ve been a pirate in a past life, who knows?) I like seeking information in books or on the web archives. Leaping a step further in dissolving the nonsense distilled in my mind by twenty years of materialist conditioning and religious indoctrination. In few words, I’m into Philosophy. I have a revolution of consciousness to bring forth, haha. Though gently getting there :) Anyway, I’m not going to write an essay but paraphrasing Osho, I was not born wrapped in trousers with a candy in the palm of my hand! —Just itching to build new pedagogies on a saner ground… I hope you do understand that I’m still human, don’t you? Besides, I’m a loyal and gentle animal, so, whether you want to talk about work or you want to leave me a nice comment, please do so; feel free to approach me.


In the mean time I spend a lot of time thinking about

Being ever more ethical, reducing my ecological footprint, living off grid in nature, building my own eco-home, taking more action in civil disobedience, how to get rid of political correctness and mundane hypocrites, working for free (for the glory), the misery of the human condition, the existential equation, the evolutionary process (in the broad sense) and the science of afterlife (since in my next life, I’d like to come back as me but in a better version of myself).


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  1. C’est super mon Titou, je te lis tous les jours, je suis contente d’avoir de tes nouvelles comme ça. Merci!!


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