My goldfish is made of electricity

… or, is literature an antidote to the destructive forces in the world?


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“—One day I was a goldfish, and… One day I was a goldfish, and…” repeated Gerald all day long. He could never think through a single sentence. Besides, of course that he was a goldfish and he hasn’t changed, he is still a goldfish. Ha, but he never remembers this simple fact! I could not be mad at him because I knew that he was trying hard. But what do you expect of a friend with a span of two seconds of memory: he could try as hard as he wanted, it wouldn’t change anything, he would never be able to finish a simple sentence. Eight syllables, that was already a great achievement for a goldfish named Gerald. Even though I would like to explain it to him, he would forget the beginning of my sentence before I even reach the end of it. Besides, Gerald could not care less about learning the history but as an upside of his condition he never got himself into any troubles. He was just a quiet little goldfish. So, I decided to take care of him, I fed him and I watched him swimming around and around in the same round jar all day long. Though I found that watching at Gerald eating his tail was just perfect for allowing me to meditate in a serious fashion. Continue reading



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“Then the time has come for you to take the last step. You must love Big Brother. It is not enough to obey him: you must love him.” {Orwell 324}

How could you be expected to love someone you do not know? A man who is only a face on a poster, another dictator with a moustache: like Hitler, Stalin and Saddam Hussein. This narcissistic attitude is typical of many an autocrat in history, societies in which the common people have lived under the system called tyranny. The Greek word turannos merely meant an absolute ruler unlimited by law or constitution {Etymonline}, but the cruel excesses of many of these rulers has turned it into quite a dirty word.

The ancient Athenians experimented with many forms of government, including the legendary and now revered demokratia. Before this, they were ruled by a tyrant named Pisistratus. He was considered mild…

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Learn to know your character!



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*Dear reader, if you are interested in doing Proust’s Questionnaire, you can find a blank document on And to learn more about the context in which Proust’s questionnaire originally appeared, have a go on

This particular Questionnaire is insightful for who intends to do it seriously. It’s also a great way to kick in a moral inventory of oneself! Meanwhile, that’s what I’ve discovered about my self… Continue reading

Zim-wiki is absolutely fantastic!

Zim-wiki literally saved my life! “Zim”, this desktop, tiny and free application, allows one to create structured notepads for quick, or complex, note taking… it is not a word editor (even though it has a word-count and spell-check) but an XML structured-base organising tool for notes taking. It gives a comprehensive environment for creating content and linking desired portions of the created document to other portions relating together by “concepts”, which you can define on the go as your ideas flow. Continue reading

Sane reaction to reminiscent memories…

Recently I went to visit the national Art Gallery of New South Wales and I never thought I would feel that way. First I wandered from a theme to another theme, unconsciously bypassing the conventional circuit offered to the average tourist. I didn’t think, nor expect nothing in particular but simply to enjoy myself for an hour or two. Naturally I very much appreciated some of the paintings exposed on the walls. A little after I would realise and be surprised that the paintings were disposed in specific rooms relating to their respective period of creation. Continue reading