I love science, but, holy cow… I hate scientism! (exergue)

Step Three

“Made a decision to turn our will and our lives
over to the care of God as we understood Him.” (p. 34, BB)

Dodes: “For an organization that has expressly denied religious standing and publicly claims a secular—even scientific—approach, it is curious that AA retains these explicit references to a spiritual power whose care might help light the way toward recovery. Even for addicts who opt to interpret this step secularly, the problem persists: why can’t this ultimate power lie within the addict?” (Step 3)


I fucking love science but I fucking hate scientismAnswering Dodes’ question, “why can’t this ultimate power lie within the addict?” (Please understand that the tone I use is mainly directed to him, there). Well, because this ultimate power cannot be human! Do you believe you are nothing else than your human skin? This would be the same as to believe that you are nothing more than a “rational animal”, take of the qualia and you are just a beast or a piece of nearly dead meat… do you truly “believe” that? Continue reading