Orange mechanics

Those thrilling days are lost,

Forever. “How to live now?”

He was driving all night long

Sliding on the slick highway.

Niel was going through hell,

Harsh memories well remain,

His beloved girl died last year.

She would’ve been seventeen,

Today. “And what now?,” Niel

Humbly asked himself, while

Gathering images of her in

The deep ravels of his mind,

“She was so real, so… complete.”


 Grasping tightly to the fly-wheel

The man scrunched the accelerator

As far as his foot would let him. It’s

An old but clunky Shelby Mustang,

The roadster was floating in the air.

“Sophie loved feeling the wind…”

On this last and residual thought,

He didn’t think nothing any more,

And in just a fraction of a second,

Niel was gone… in a perfect calm.


The clockwork of life had frozen.

Sometimes it takes quite nothing

To hit outerspace, a singular point;

One of these enlightened moments

That sharply appear to be eternal.


Niel suddenly realised he had been

Daydreaming for quite a few miles,

He pulled up the foot off the pedal.

The engine though gently came down

As our fellow manoeuvred a U-turn

Propelling him towards downtown.

He pondered over a life of his own,

Then redeemed the value of his life.

“Life is a thrill… I should suppose…”,

He mumbled, as he drove back home.


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