“The pseudo-science of Alcoholics Anonymous” … are you for real?

Psychiatry beyond Scientism!

Please note that this visual has nothing to do with the book, it’s just a wink to the fact that Dr Lance Dodes is a retired assistant clinical professor of psychiatry, and his “science” being merely no more than a scientism, I found the title of this flyer to be funny.

   This post is a response of mine to an article of Dr. Lance Dodes and Zachary Dodes, entitled: “The pseudo-science of Alcoholics Anonymous: There’s a better way to treat addiction | AA and rehab culture have shockingly low success rates, and made it impossible to have real debate about addiction.”

It would’ve been criminal from me, not to debunk (in my turn!) Dr Lance-Zachary Doles’ article, where they harshly blame without any valid argument, the 12 Step program and the Alcoholics Anonymous Community!

Of course you can read their full (and how fascinating!) article at “the pseudo science of alcoholics anonymous (click the link)” and perhaps, you could even also buy their book: “The Sober Truth: Debunking the Bad Science Behind 12-Step Programs and the Rehab Industry.” —You do understand that I was being ironic, don’t you! Personally, I would not spend a single penny for this bad book: the knowledge of the authors on the subject they intend to speak of is overwhelming ignorant. Lance and Zachary Dodes have obviously no interest at all in grasping any real understanding of what the Alcoholics Anonymous really is about, instead they are simply interested in blaming the A.A. to promote their own, unproven, method. Simply read what follows, I took back many of their article’s statements (quoted in upper case and blue colour) and went on to respond to each one of them. Continue reading