Résumé :)

“Life is a quest for lucidity” (Aristotle)

heaven!The quote from Aristotle and this majestic nature (photo), are both perfect illustrations of what should make humans think: “about the dreams that stuff is made of…” and it is through this genuine vision that I entertain an incentive strong enough to keep me doing what I’m doing, and that is to say: “being” and “keeping dreams real.”




pic-TibsOn a personal level, my goal is to become fully able in producing attractive digital content. That is why I’m studying Literature. However, in the real world, I seek work in the aged care sector. I enjoy the company of elderly people. I know I will be a positive addition in their lives. Hence, I seek a permanent part-time position for weekend work. I really hope to find work before the end of this year. I am available for a long-term contract and am flexible with my days. In a few words, I’m a clear thinker and I care about people. From previous experiences, I was said by others to be a great communicator and having the spirit of a natural-born leader. However, I will use this talent only to do good. If you also think this way, then we are probably made to understand each other. I have worked hard for several years, not just professionally but on a personal level, towards becoming a better version of myself. I feel now is the good time to get my back in the grindstone. Hence, if you are interested in meeting me I’m ready to pop in :)

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 Well… that is a pretty cool résumé!


More infoEducation, still ongoing… embracing the concept of lifelong learning


Bachelor degree in Liberal Arts |  dual majors @ ACU Strathfield University (ongoing)

2016 to present | Well, now that I’m in (officially I mean), I decided to pursue my personal transformation to an even higher level! Since nothing is impossible, I thought “a bachelor? Why not!” Yet, I felt totally distressed as having to choose between Literature and Philosophy. However, soon enough, I would discover that I could actually do a dual major and from there it took only a minute to recollect my self together. That is a (big) dream becoming true and now, it’s up to me to live that dream to make it real: only a year from now, I intended reaching the moon… but today, I feel like rocketing to the stars! Nota bene: I’ve just completed my fist semester and I realised I was attracted to Drama. So, instead, I decided to go for one major (always in Philosophy) and two minors, in Literature and Drama :)


Liberal Studies Certificate | Level-100 (Uni) @ ACU Strathfield University (achieved)

2014Logo ACU – 2015 | Sociology, Ethics, Literature, Drama and Philosophy. This academic course (Uni entry-level cert.) naturally offered me to acquire real skills, but furthermore it gave me a stunning opportunity to improve my qualities. Indeed, this course allowed me to re-adjust my character and therefore to improve in overall my human nature. This has had the effect of literally changing the curse of my existence for the better. And also, to acknowledge the very passion and genuine devotion that my professors have shown in distilling new concepts and tools in my life, I must say I’m very grateful to all of them.


Higher Mathematics | TPC (HSC Extention Level) @ TAFE Ultimo College (achieved)

Logo TAFE2014 – 2015 | I was always loosed in maths in my early days and I was actually never able to “keep the thread” in this (very) particular subject. Thus, it was time for me to take up the challenge and to learn all 10 years of early grades maths in three semesters only. It’s now done, and it allowed me to prove to myself that there is no such thing as “the impossible”! I acquired a solid foundational level in mathematics: “the theoretical minimum”, as I like to call it. Not only this baggage makes me more polyvalent, but it also has been part of my “spiritual framework”… while mathematics taught me something really important that I had probably missed in my early days: patience and humility.

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More infoExperience and initiatives… life as a conscious and social experiment


Wwoofing | Helping at the farm v.s. English lessons and shelter @ Fred’s Farm

August 2013 – February 2014 (7 months) Mareeba, Queensland


1954_Morris_Cowley_Half-ton_Pick-up_TruckI wouldn’t call it formally wwoofing (even though wwoofing has nothing formal!) but I have been living in Mareeba (Queensland) where I was helping an Australian family in everyday activities, against which I was offered a shelter in their farm called “Jeff’s Farm”. At this occasion I’ve been casually fruit picking, helping at home or outside, but most of all I was asked to take care after their (many!) children, so my role consisted mainly of being a good company. This was my very first opportunity to immerse myself with natives and improve my English. Anyway, and even if I loved the lifestyle, after six months I felt the need to go back to the city and somehow “reconnect” with the real world… from there it would take another couple of weeks before I finally reach Sydney.


22000 kilometres towards a New destination | fruit picking @ Jobshop agency

2012 – 2012 (less than a year) Kununurra


Destination clip artI arrived in Australia in the mid year 2012, so I have been doing a few shifts here and there, while visiting the country on a one-year road-trip (on wheels naturally!) along the Australian coast from West to East. I had no choice but to improvise: painting business buildings faces (by night!) with an Italian guy in Fremantle (Perth) and also by myself for private house owners, then unloading fishes from the boats on Darwin wharf on a two months period, and picking pumpkins in a farm in Kununurra (only for two weeks unfortunately). However, it is worth to say that I have been doing far longer periods grape harvesting before that, in Beaujolais (France), where I participated in four consecutive seasons.


Wwoofing in altitude | Landscaping and Hospitality @ Le Gite de la Deveze

January 2010 – September 2010 (9 months) | Molezon, Les Cevennes


chateau de la deveze under rehabilitation Working at “Le Gite de la Deveze” in the mountains in Lozère (Parc naturel des Cévennes) as a wwoofer, for eight months, participating in promoting a different lifestyle to customers. I was entrusted by the owner family: Lionel & Danielle, to help building soil restrainers on a sloping land, reconfiguring dry-stone walls, nurturing the organic garden to grow beautiful vegetables, welcoming and taking care after customers, baby sitting the children and helping serving dinner. By the way, you must try the vegetarian dish: “La salade Cévénole”… wow!


Copywriter Freelance @ home && Direct sales Marketer @ Direct Medica

January 2009 – June 2009 (6 months) Paris


Here are two selected samples of copywriting missions I have accomplished:

* CGR-Assistance (Author Tibby Aubry) lettre commerciale prospects

* Demo-hors-limites (Author Tibby Aubry) revision et creation litteraire

being creative is not a hobby it is a way of lifeEven though they are written in French language, it doesn’t matter as I am at ease with both languages equally. I let you make yourself the own judge of my skills by looking at my page 19th-century project. Writing (like drawing) is a precious and sensitive activity and it is a passion that I nurture. In parallel to this writing ambition and as a downside of having to survive in capitalist model society, I was also a marketer promoting pharmaceutical specialities to a wide range of general practitioners and specialists at Direct Médica (suburban Paris).


Multi card @ Australian Catalogue company, Toyota Financial Services, Manpower, Adecco, Experian, synergie, Madison nugget.

February 2003 – February 2008 (approx. 5 years) | Atlanta (usa), Vaucresson, Boulogne-Billancourt, Versailles, Neuilly, Massy, St Quentin.


Australian Catalogue Company (Atlanta, usa)Experience at this point, cannot be labelled easily. Having worked five years in many positions, (seemingly) of opposite directions, I will just keep it simple: I went from being an intern html/css coder creating Intranet pages and editing prints of city maps, to assisting several companies in their logistics (as a contractor, including one mission in Atlanta, U.S.A.) But also intermingled in-between that, I went from doing sales in multimedia retail stores to being an independent stockbroker in finance (building a portfolio from scratch to 38 key clients within eight months). All missions were achieved successfully and work was provided to a quality extent towards high standards, but at some point and for some reason having to do with ethics (but which I won’t inappropriately spread here), there has been kind of a little breakdown.


More info Languages, totally fluent in English and French, and (trying) to learn Spanish

serie_carte_blancheEnglish: native or bilingual proficiency
Français: native or bilingual proficiency
Español: “still in construction…”

More infoLast things to know about me…


  • I can adapt to your schedule as long as I keep doing at least one university subject per semester (that’s part of the plan).
  • I live in Sydney and I surely do use the public transports, just being eco-logic!
  • I’m looking at earning enough to live but not more, I’m not an addict to money.
  • I fit well everywhere as long as I’m around genuine people.


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