I am an imaginal being


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Recently, a sentence came to my ear, “what if religion is a misinterpreted astrological allegory?” Well, that is what I was always compelled to think: “The bible is an astrotheological literary hybrid”. Myself, I always referred to god and the son as being an analogy to the universe and the sun (our star). This was actually the faith that was held by many ancient religions; they knew that we are made of stardust and they knew that the consciousness was a universal field of vibrant energy. Ancient wisdom didn’t hold blind beliefs, instead, it held a tangible faith acquired through mystical experience: meditation was the root of all knowledge. Continue reading


Drawing philosophical connections from the film, The Vow

The Vow, the movie

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I thought I would share my philosophical exercise on the film: “The Vow” (2012). The transcript might be slightly different from the original since I typed it out directly from hearing the voices of the movie. This descriptive text presents a selection of dialogues that I found highly interesting, to which I added some connections I made to philosophical views, to the question of what is the ‘essence’ of the human reality?

Leo & Paige just got married. After a car accident Paige is left unconscious and when she awakes she doesn’t remember anything about the past five years of her life. Of course, she doesn’t remember Leo as well. Worse, her parents use this event as a perfect occasion to try to get back their daughter which had left them five years ago. Leo warns Paige that she “should be careful about their real intentions”. Continue reading