Zim-wiki is absolutely fantastic!

Zim-wiki literally saved my life! “Zim”, this desktop, tiny and free application, allows one to create structured notepads for quick, or complex, note taking… it is not a word editor (even though it has a word-count and spell-check) but an XML structured-base organising tool for notes taking. It gives a comprehensive environment for creating content and linking desired portions of the created document to other portions relating together by “concepts”, which you can define on the go as your ideas flow. Continue reading


The hidden power of Ubuntu!

Ubuntu 15.10 installed! (2016-01-03)One year of experience with Ubuntu now… and I’m more than conquered! (upgrading to version 15.10 now). Some people may say that the mess in your room represents the mess in your head… well, I’m kind of a geek, so in fact, I rather say that my head was a mess because my old Windows Operating System was a mess. And it needs to be acknowledged that since I have adopted Linux, well, all became much more clearer for me. Since then (one might say it is a miracle) my unit where I live is always clean and tidy! So, for what concerns me, I’d say that this is where lies the real power of Ubuntu…